T25 Radio System

Officially announced on April,13, 2023,this new system will link ALL first responders. Given the large scale of thisproject, a plan has been put into place. Please note the following:

– As of March 2023, the network is operational on the Avalon Peninsula. Members of the RCMP and RNC in the region have been using the new system since April 11, 2023.

– Over the coming months, Eastern Health paramedics operating on the Avalon will also transition to the new system followed by other Avalon Peninsula users.

– Other users outside of the Avalon region will begin to migrate to the new system in the summer of 2024.

– Other users migrating to the system will include fire services (including volunteer fire), ground search and rescue, Provincial Government departments, HMP, sheriffs, youth secure custody, all remaining health authorities, and Federal Government agencies operating in the province (i.e. DFO, CCG, Parks Can., Environment Can., DND).